Recruiting professionals that deliver the results you need.

Forage is a human-centered research-recruiting firm that focuses on qualitative research. This approach helps clients discover often unseen learnings that lead to actionable insights. Based in San Francisco, we work on both national and international projects for the high tech, food & beverage, healthcare, consumer electronics, education and financial sectors.



Our Team

Our founder and president, Trena Partee, leads all of Forage’s engagements from project recruit strategy to logistics to client services. With a background in design and fashion, Trena most recently helped to lead research efforts at IDEO, an international innovation and design firm, where she applied a human-centered approach that enabled clients to uncover actionable insights.

With both qualitative and quantitative experience, Trena has worked across all major industries, from food & beverage to medical. She is passionate about connecting clients with articulate, conversational and thoughtful participants. She oversees both researchers and participants, ensuring everyone has the information they need for a successful first meeting.

A Collaborative Process

We collaborate with a diverse range of professionals including:



Design Researchers,
Market Researchers

Business Owners


Social Scientists



Business Leads

Start-up Founders,
Project Leads, Business Designers



UX, Interaction 
Communication, Industrial


Human Factor Specialists,

We always welcome new partners and collaboration opportunities.

Below are more clients we have worked with in the past in a range of industries including:
Innovation and design firms/Agencies, Consumer Goods, Consumer services, Gaming, 
Medical, Social Networking, Financial Services, Educational institutions, Food and Beverage